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Death of a Nation - The Timor Conspiracy (John Pilger)

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Regular Chomskyites (PolarBear?) will be quite familiar by now with his tendency to bang on about East Timor, bringing it up in virtually every interview and conversation. However, what he claims about the Western media is so true that the enormous background of silence on this issue tends to have just the desired effect - to eventually make him look like a bit of a nutcase. Well, rescue is at hand - one rather fearless journalist, John Pilger, has made a full-length documentary for your easy viewing - not, of course, that it has been broadcast particularly many times, nor was the information very easy to dig up - many Western journalists entering Timor are simply killed. Should there be any readers of this forum left (I presume there can't be any tongue.gif) who still believe the US mission in Iraq was to "support democracy, as they do in all parts of the world", East Timor is indeed of course the standing argument against. This aggression was carried out by a neighbouring hostile power, with the full knowledge, tacit support, and sale of arms by the US, UK and other Western powers. [description stolen from bosmon @

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Jun 16, 2005, 13:06:11

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Thus AVI torrent is apparently not being seeded at this time. However, this documentary is part of the compilation DVD available here at TorrentID=3252. I can vouch for the quality of that download, having watched two of the four docs already.
Feb 24 2007, 12:02 UTC
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