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Possum Living (1978)

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Possum Living (1978)

A short documentary of Dolly Freed, author of the 1970s cult classic Possum Living.

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Jul 06, 2011, 05:01:18

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Reminded me of Winstanley which was popular on here for a long time.

But there are other ways of self sufficiency.

For the first time Will Allen's lecture on the techniques for year round farming which he presents to audiences all over the world is available. You will note that the camera work with a sole operator misses some of the slides. However there is enough content for audio only if you chose to listen to it.

What Will Allen does is sell specialty items to restaurants and distribute food baskets as well in the Milwaukee area of WI. There's a lot more to it than that, particularly about growing soil.

I think you will see that the model presented is about much more than organic farming; it is about growing the power of community. This could be your introduction to Will Allen's work and how it can be replicated.

If you enjoy the talk (one hour eleven minutes) please let the host site know.

Jul 06 2011, 21:39 UTC
@ioninappleton: Thanks for the link to Will Allen's presentation.
Jul 21 2011, 15:39 UTC
The video is not of good quality but the message is outstanding.

Growing Power in Milwaukee WI hosts tours of that facility year round and there are others worldwide. On Pacifica Radio a couple years ago there was an interview from Africa speaking about but not referencing similar techniques of aquaculture etc.

The fact that Allen works with universities, the government and even Walmart shows a model of food production which benefits the restaurants that takes his specialty items as well as those who get the food baskets in needy neighborhoods and it all comes out of the same model.

Will Allen is a McCarthur Genius Grant for innovation recipient.
Jul 21 2011, 15:57 UTC
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