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CH4 News on Homs 22 feb 2012

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CH4 News 22 feb 2012 As the bombardment in the Syrian city of Homs continues, Channel 4 News broadcasts a special report from a photographer who captures with shocking clarity the intense assault on the city. The dangers of reporting or attempting to report from Homs have been tragically highlighted by the deaths of Marie Colvin and Remi Ohlik overnight.

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NATO propaganda crap.
Feb 23 2012, 16:24 UTC
Flawed as it may be, it shows the extent of Syian, regime’s atrocities against its own citizens. And of course, the Western World does nothing.
Feb 23 2012, 20:00 UTC
ROFL, are you really that naive?
Mar 06 2012, 17:51 UTC
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