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Richard Wolff: Marxian Class Analysis - Theory and Practice (mp3)

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There are two basic purposes of this intensive class taught by Professor Wolff at the Brecht Forum in New York city in the Spring of 2010. The first is to teach the specifics of Marxian class analysis (its history, different interpretations, and basic structure). The second is to show in detail how to apply Marxian class analysis and what unique insights it achieves both in terms of understanding society and strategizing for social change.

Class 1: The basic concept of class; history of class analysis; differences (inside and outside Marxism) over how to define “class”; specifics of Marxian class analysis; different results from using Marxian class analysis versus using other analytical frameworks.

 Class 2: Analyzing the current US capitalist crisis in class terms and proposing class-based solutions for the crisis.

 Class 3: A class analysis of the rise and fall of the USSR (with applications as well to China, etc.)

 Class 4: A class analysis of the current crisis of households, families, and intimate life in the US

 Class 5: A class-based strategy for US labor and left today based on class analysis of their current situation

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