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Wikileaks- The Secret Life of a Superpower

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Wikileaks- The Secret Life of a Superpower Wikileaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower was non-Assange-centric TV review: Wikileaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower avoided the usual character assassination of Julian Assange, instead focusing on the effects of the leaked US diplomatic cables. Richard Bilton trained his sights on the message not the messenger for this documentary on Wikileaks' 2010 release of sensitive diplomatic cables, which left many red faces in the US government. Julian Assange is certainly an intriguing character and his past, his motives and his dalliances with the opposite sex have formed the focal point of most Wikileaks documentaries up until now, but it was refreshing to see an hour spent focusing instead on the fallout created by his whistle-blowing group's disclosures. From cattiness towards the UK, to assertions of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, the leaked emails' contents created rifts across the world and interviews with top US officials here revealed that global diplomatic relations have still not recovered. But what conclusions to draw from the whole 'Cablegate' saga? The secret opinions of US diplomats are eyebrow-raising but hardly surprising, one need only look at the games of international government ping pong, forced smiles and determined handshakes to guess that there is an element of fa├žade to international relations. More worrying is simply the ease with which the cables themselves were released. In the digital age information is fragile and transient, capable of being erased (or copied) very simply it seems - be it a Facebook user's details or a government's top secrets. Blinking servers create an illusion of organisation and safety when compared with a ruffled pile of papers, but the speed with which these dense masses of information can be stolen is very worrying indeed.

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Mar 22, 2012, 20:22:25

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