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Socialist Standard April 2012

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Socialist Standard magazine April 2012
Editorial - Profits before people, again
Features -
The Titanic disaster 100 years on
The Titanic - Who was to blame?
The Titanic - What about the deckchairs?
Maritime disasters
Syria: Bashar lives up to his name
Now and then
From handicraft to the Cloud pt.2

Pathfinders (Science and Politics)
Material World – Balochistan: Redrawing the Map of Southwest Asia
Cooking the Books - Cash mountains, why?
Tiny Tips - Links to news stories
50 Years Ago - Nonsense about Race
The Greasy Pole – All in WHAT together?
Voice from the Back - News items of interest culled from around the globe.

Book Reviews -
Pity the Billionaire. By Thomas Frank
The Reason Why. By John Gribbin
Zinoviev & Martov: Head to Head in Halle. With introductory essays by Ben Lewis and Lars T. Lih

Film Review -
The Way Back (2010)

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