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9 Tage hinter den Barrikaden [German - Doku - September 1986 in Kopenhagen]

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Im September 1986 war Kopenhagen Schauplatz einer Aktion, die wohl nicht nur für Dänemark einzigartig war. Es geht um ein damals seit über drei Jahren besetztes Haus, in dem rund 60 Leute leben. Die Besitzerin will es abreißen lassen – die Räumung ist für den folgenden Tag angekündigt... Hier beginnt der Videofilm der dänischen Gruppe, die während der neun Tage dauernden Verteidigung der Besetzung bei fast allen Aktionen und Alltagssituationen filmen konnte. Ihr gelang so ein Portrait des Lebens hinter den Barrikaden von den Leuten, die sich entschlossen hatten, das Haus militant zu verteidigen. (Doku, 55 Minuten [deutsch])

More Info (German):

Sorry only in German. It took me ages to find it online as a downloadable file so I decided to upload it here for posterity.

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Apr 10, 2012, 12:39:57

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This would be a great film to translate into English. Any ideas on how to go about this? (I understand .srt files, but I speak zero German or Danish.)
Apr 10 2012, 19:54 UTC
making subtitles is very tedious and a large pain in the ass. you would have to do everything manually (ie. create proper timings) and you would also need someone who speaks both languages fluently as to translate. Then clean up the can do this with the free program subtitle workshop.
Apr 11 2012, 13:04 UTC
Yeah. that's kind of what I expected it would take. I've modified .srt files when translations were a bit off, but I don't know German. So... anyone here know any German? I'd be happy to put together the timings, if someone can provide the translations.
Apr 12 2012, 00:16 UTC
that's the heaviest part of the task...good luck if you do it! lol remember that you dont want more than 2 lines of subs, so break up long sentences/speeches into multiple parts Smile
Apr 13 2012, 04:50 UTC
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