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Unreported World - S22E07 - India's Child Savers (J Brabazon, 2011)Channel 4

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Unreported World - S22E07 - India's Child Savers (J. Brabazon, 2011)Channel 4

This episode is from the last full season of Channel 4's global investigative reporting show "Unreported World" (note: if you were grabbing this off tpb, this episode was upped but never this will help to complete the series).

This episode follows the Indian Human Rights Organization "Child Savers" as they work to break up rings of child traffickers that run businesses placing child slaves into domestic positions in the homes of the growing middle class in Delhi. When in these positions the children work ceaselessly but never profit. Rather, the agent of the "placement agency" makes all the money. On top of this the workers -ages about 12-14- often suffer abuse and- for the girls- sexual molestation or rape. There's also a side story at the end about children that disappear from near their homes; are kidnapped and held for ransom. We hear testimony from one boy who was thrown down a well after he was kidnapped by violent thugs. We are also shown Child Savers sanctuary for stolen children, where kids get a chance to be kids again.


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