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Nuclear Savage

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"John is a savage, but a happy, amenable savage." Thus intones the voice on a '50s-era newsreel clip in the documentary, showing footage of seven male Marshall Islanders who have been brought to the United States for radiation testing. "John is mayor of Rongelap Atoll. John reads, knows about God and is a pretty good mayor."The film does a stunning job juxtaposing examples of the smug ignorance of South Sea culture with the reality of what the US did to it.

In "Nuclear Savage" Adam Horowitz exposes American hubris and the horrors of nuclear testing visited on the Marshallese people in one of the darkest chapters of human history.The United States conducted nuclear tests and deliberately exposed the Marshallese people to radiation and studied the effects it had on them in a secret project called Project 4.1.

The Marshallese people were treated like guinea pigs and less than human.After studying the immediate effects of the fallout the islanders of Rongelap were transported back to their contaminated homelands for further long-term tests!!.
Merril Eisenbud, the first health and safety chief of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission said in a secret 1956 meeting: "That island is by far the most contaminated place on earth and it would be very interesting to get a measure of human uptake when people live in a contaminated environment. . . . While it is true that these people do not live the way Westerners do, civilized people, it is also true that these people are more like us than the mice."

At The Nuremberg trials the Nazis were hauled up for conducting experiments on human beings.The same rigorous standards does not seem to apply to the United States which flouts all laws with impunity and gives lectures to the rest of the world .Who is going to prosecute the US for their criminal actions??

In a recent talk anthropologist Holly Barker pointed out that after all that nuclear poisoning there isn't a single oncologist in the entire Marshall Islands to treat cancer?-NOT-A-SINGLE-ONE.What this means is that anyone suffering from cancer caused by nuclear fallout is in effect handed a DEATH SENTENCE.
The US has decided that 150 million$ is all that is needed to pay for the cancers,loss of homeland and livelihood and the environmental cleanup.150 million$ for 67 nuclear explosions whose total yield is equivalent to 1.6 Hiroshima bombs everyday for 12 years!

Absolutely shameless!-W
atch this and decide -WHO REALLY IS THE SAVAGE??

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Dec 02, 2012, 15:10:08

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is there any version without spanish subs????
Dec 08 2012, 16:21 UTC
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