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Canciones Libertarias (12 songs from the Spanish Revolution) [mp3, 192kbps]

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[Note: I'm not quite sure whether this kind of upload is of interest for OneBigTorrent.
That cd was my rip for, where it was primarily uploaded.]

12 songs from the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939)

Released by:
Confederacion Sindical Solidaridad Obrera (CSSO)
Fundacion Anselmo Lorenzo (FAL)

===========| tracklist |===========

01 - A las barricadas
02 - Viva la FAI
03 - Hacia la revolucion
04 - Luchar obreros
05 - A las mujeres
06 - Pout pourri
07 - Arroja la bomba
08 - Salud proletarios
09 - International anarquista
10 - Viva la anarquia
11 - Juventud
12 - Hijos del pueblo

===========| tech info |===========

cd-rip | format: mp3 | Bitrate: 192kbps | covers & lyrics (in spanish) included

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Jul 17, 2008, 23:57:26

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Any release like this is greatly appreciated!!!
Jul 20 2008, 18:12 UTC
This is epic! Not as useful as you'd think to someone in the middle stages of learning Spanish academically though - since they're sung in (I'm guessing) a northern accent, the French-style dropping of the last consonants etc can confuse your ear for the standard Madrid accent
Aug 09 2010, 19:51 UTC
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