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Back to Basics by the Green Anarchy Collective Vol 1-4

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Aug 03, 2008, 23:19:48

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Descripton box would not load so here is the description from the site:

We have published four Back to Basics primers meant to provide a starting point for dialogue amongst those interested in an anti-civilization perspective. These collections of writings, provided by a number of authors, are neither comprehensive nor authoritative. Additionally, there are any number of points where individuals diasagree or have different interpretations or ideas. We consider disagreements a positive occurance; we do not have the answers, no one does. We aim to open a radical dialogue, encourage the exploration of new ideas, and inspire the direct engagement by all who recognize the enemy - the totality of Civilization. Most importantly, we wish to avoid any ideology forming around any person(s) or perspectives. Let us know what you think!
Aug 03 2008, 23:22 UTC

RedDaWn [torrent uploader]
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