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Salt of the Earth

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In a gritty mining town in New Mexico, Mexican-American workers go on strike to protest their dangerous working conditions and low wages. They meet fierce opposition from company thugs and local sheriff's deputies. After vicious beatings and the suffering of the miners' families, the wives and mothers of the striking workers take over the picket line in a final demand for justice. Salt Of The Earth was produced, directed, and written by victims of the 1950s anti-Communist blacklisting, including Herbert Biberman?one of the "Hollywood Ten" who was jailed for refusing to cooperate with Congressional inquiries. With the notable exception of Will Greer (Grandpa on The Waltons) the cast is almost entirely comprised of workers who participated in the real life strike on which the story is based. The only blacklisted American film in history, Salt Of The Earth was banned for its daring political content, which anticipated the civil rights and feminist movements by nearly ten years. Originally released in 1954, no wonder this is Noam Chomsky's favorite film. File: 811MB 01:33:52 Video: DivX 5 640x480 23.98fps 1070Kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

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Nov 17, 2005, 19:11:23

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thanks for your upload. you can edit and delete screwed up entries YOURSELF if you are LOGGED IN when you hit the upload button.
Nov 18 2005, 04:11 UTC
Thanks for this; I've heard about this movie for years, and this looks to be of very good quality. Glad everything's fixed.
Nov 19 2005, 09:11 UTC
If anyone is interested, this movie is now in the public domain and an 3.1GB MPEG2 (DVD ready) version of this can be grabbed from

The transfer might be slightly worse, but if you want a DVD without the hassle of converting or the quality loss, it's available. They also have The Power of Nightmares from the BBC, unrelated, but cool.
Nov 24 2005, 21:11 UTC
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