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Manifesto - Un Mundo que Ganar (1999) Spanish political hardcore

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Este fue el segundo y último álbum de los barceloneses Manifesto, un LP que como su primero consiste en la recopilación de temas publicados previamente en EP's o en LP's compartidos con otros grupos. El torrent incluye el librito del CD. Este disco está agotado y raramente volverá a ser publicado, o sea que ¡disfrútalo!

That's the second and last album of Manifesto, the political hardcore band from Barcelona. As their previous album, this one compiles songs from EP's and shared albums. Included is the booklet of the CD. This album is out of print and won't be released again 99% chance, so Enjoy!

01 Octubre Rojo.mp3 3.22 MB 02 1909.mp3 2.64 MB 03 El Trabajo De Hoy.mp3 2.56 MB 04 Fundamental.mp3 4.51 MB 05 Desigual.mp3 2.96 MB 06 The Deal.mp3 2.94 MB 07 Status.mp3 2.64 MB 08 The Hammer Hits Hard.mp3 2.63 MB 09 Abertzale.mp3 3.32 MB 10 Res.mp3 3.12 MB back.jpg 1.03 MB book-front.jpg 2.14 MB cover.jpg 222.00 KB

ps. If you like them, I can share their first LP. I ain't got the different EP's, and they're no longer available, but sure you can get all their songs on this two albums.

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Jan 20, 2009, 11:39:37

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1 Comment

Best Spanish Political HxC Band ever!!! Glad to find this at last. I had the first demo (which i loaned and it never came back) and a ep. i don't know if they are on the first or second album. If you can upload their first album, you'll make me happy^^
Jan 22 2013, 16:27 UTC
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