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Film list:

1. Friends of Kim

North Korea is the country many love to hate. Declared as a nation on the axis of evil by George W. Bush but embraced by an international delegation of friends: the Korean Friendship Association.They set out for a march through North Korea. Its aim: to show solidarity with the regime and the North Korean people. The authorities even allowed some US citizens in and an American journalist from ABC.

This 'International March for Korea's Peace and Reunification' is organised by the KFA, the Korean Friendship Association; a worldwide group of supporters of North Korea. Its leader is a 29 year old Spanish citizen, Alejandro Cao de Benos de Les y Perez. Originating from an aristocratic family he heads an organization with mainly young members who are fed up with the consumerism of the Western world.

In 12 days the 22 participants of the march travel through a country full of monuments, propaganda and poverty. Friends of Kim is a film about idealism, trust and crime. What begins as a magical mystery tour ends in a road to claustrophobia.

2. Holidays in the Axis of Evil

The Bush regime claims that North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and Cuba are part of an "axis of evil". In a remarkable two-part travelogue, reporter Ben Anderson, armed with a hidden camera and a tourist map, visits all six rogue states and tries to find the reality of life in some of the most repressive regimes in the world. He spoke to us about this unusual vacation.

3. North Korea: A Day in the Life

A day in the life of an ordinary familyà in North Korea, land of the beloved leader Kim Jong-il. Filmmaker Pieter Fleury gives us a glimpse into the world of Hong Sun Hui, a female textile worker. At the factory, everything is highly controlled and all the workersÆ actions and results are meticulously entered in notebooks. Like puppets, the workers impassively carry out their tasks and finish their days singing hymns to the glory of Kim Jong-il.

In her kindergarten class, HongÆs daughter learns that ôflowers need the sun and she needs the love of the Great Leader to grow.ö When the family gathers at home in the evening, the propaganda continues to flow through the television. Unexpectedly, relief from the Orwellian control and clockwork regularity comes from the English classes that HongÆs brother is taking: they provide a moment of humour and open-mindedness.

The mechanisms of this perfect system of indoctrination and oppression are depicted through coldly precise images. The resulting film is a terrifying vision of a totalitarian state that recalls MaoÆs China, on which it was largely based. Absurd, grotesque, but sadly true.

4. The Real Dr. Evil

North Koreans call him "dear leader." President Bush calls him part of an "axis of evil." Kidnapper, terrorist, and likely nuclear tyrant also apply. This program uses extensive newsreel footage, archival materials, and exclusive interviews to create a biographical and psychological profile of Kim Jong Il in order to understand what motivates his sometimes bizarre and often tragic deeds. Interviews include former bodyguards, a former central committee member, a former North Korean spy, CIA profilers, Pentagon advisers, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg, and Selig Harrison, author of Korean Endgame. A BBCW Production. (46 minutes)

5. Undercover in the secret state

Documentary reporting on life in North Korea under the highly repressive regimed of Kim Jong II, using undercover footage and interviews shot by filmmaker Kim Jung Eun and other volunteer dissidents. Includes footage of prison camps and public executions. Also looks at how dissident groups are utilising South Korean soap operas, transmitting them illegally, to foment discontent as they starkly contrast standards of living between the North and South and undermine North Korean propaganda.

6. Welcome to North Korea

This film, shot mostly covertly, shows the irony of a regime where 20 million people lived in poverty, some on the brink of starvation, while former dictator Kim II Sung built extravagant monuments to reflect his power. He fostered a grotesque personality cult, which his son and successor Kim Jong Il perpetuates. All around the capital, Pyongyang, an endless stream of propaganda glorifies the leaders. Monuments and museums pay homage to them, but they are strangely empty.

The contrast between capitalist South Korea and the impoverished North is dramatically shown. The founder of Hyundai, Tsjoen Joe Jung is held in great esteem in the south. He believes in uniting the two Koreas and has made significant donations to economic development in the north, trying to ease the way to reunion.

The film crew was not allowed to interview people at random. The ones "selected to speak to foreigners" gave an idealized image of the regime that was hardly credible. Footage shot secretly by a Chinese relief organization attests to a generation dying from starvation and disease, and suffering terrible human rights abuses. Welcome to North Korea captures in a vivid manner the tight grip the regime has on its people, with a power not used benevolently.

7. Children of the Secret State

Children of the Secret State' is an investigation into North Korea, considered by many as the last Stalinist dictatorship, a hidden and sealed country riddled with propaganda and saturated with hostility to democracy and the West.

Joe Layburn and the Hardcash team discovered a young North Korean, known by the pseudonym 'Ahn Chol', who has been filiming undercover so that the world can see what is going on in his native land: the country where his parents both starved to death.

His devastating footage shows some of the estimated 200,000 street children, mainly orphans, foraging for food in the mud and the gutters, ignored by the adults around them and ignored by the state which claims they are at its bosom.

Joe embarks on a state-run tourist visit of North Korea, revealing vast unoccupied hotels, empty boulevards and countless monuments of Kim Jong II, the county's leader.

8. North Korea - Desperate Or Deceptive

A silent revolution has started in North Korea. This documentary looks behind the closed doors of the country and investigate the social, political and economical changes that happens. North Korea is, despite its fear for changes, a country that needs to embrace the new routine if the current government wishes to keep the power.

9. Nuclear Nightmare : Understanding North Korea

Meet Kim Jong II, leader of North Korea  a nation imprisoned by poverty and with a population so hungry, people eat bugs and grass. Now this megalomaniacal dictator is holding the civilized world hostage with what many see as a cunning strategy of extortion, threatening to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons. It's a strategy by which the United States has indicated it cannot abide. In a joint production between the Discovery Channel and the New York Times, go behind the headlines to discover the little-understood origins and almost-stranger-than-truth facets of this dangerous confrontation. See a side of Kim Jong Il rarely revealed  his love of slasher flicks and his affinity for prostitutes  and learn why the United States may have no other palatable option than to play ball with Kim, allowing him to continue his weapons development program. It's quite literally a race against time  if North Korea, as it promises, goes into nuclear production mode, giving Kim as many as 10 nuclear bombs within six months, it would create a destabilizing offensive nuclear capability that could touch off a regional arms race...and even nuclear war. It's a game of international intrigue and high-stakes military strategy. But more importantly, it's the story of destitute North Korea and its bizarre leader, and how he has brought the U.S. and the world face-to-face with the unimaginable.

10. North Korean Junket

This documentary is 48-minute look at a North Korean propaganda march from 2004. The trip is organized by a group called the Korean Friendship Association. As they zealously espouse Kim Jong Il's version of North Korea (which is little more than a Potemkin Village) their zeal ends up biting themselves in the rear.

11. Parallel Universe - North Korea

How do North Koreans feel about their country's nuclear ambitions and their place in the world? This rare report from inside Pyongyang provides a rare insight into the mindset of North Koreans.

Is Pyongyang really prepared to demolish its Yongbyun nuclear facility? At the demilitarized zone in North Korea, a military officer explain why his country needs nuclear weapons.

12. People and Power

A documentary made by the North Korea government showing what it is like to live in there country under the rule of kim jong ill II


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Just because that crazy fuck ex-president Bush said the N-Korea is on evail axis , doesen`t mean that all we are agree with him...
Jun 17 2009, 22:47 UTC
Jun 20 2009, 17:13 UTC
I have seen these documentaries and apart from a few, they are VERY biased against North Korea.
North Korea is certainly not the dangerous country that US propaganda makes it out to be.
It would appear that economical management of the country has not been very good; but they have been subject to total blockade from all of the world apart from China and Russia since the early 1990, and they feel forced to spend ridiculous money on defence, due to the contant rhetoric against them.
They don't want to go out without a fight..

The world should leave that country alone, or provide no strings aid.

It's not a bad country; just a bit oTT in its idolisation of the leader (but that's an Asian cultural thing) and to tough to dissidents (but they are not alone in that). The country functioned very well up until 1991 or so and the population. A lot of what they built up is very impressive for a developing nation that was bombed to pieces (by the uS) in the 1950s) Not a building was standing.
Jul 03 2010, 18:11 UTC
Realy!!! Children are dying because of starvation due to the "dear leaders" pride of not receiving humanitarian aid.

Conclusion North Korea is a evil country. Fore once Bush where right...
Oct 07 2012, 13:20 UTC
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