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Shake Hands With The Devil - The Journey Of Romeo Dallaire

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The story of Canadian Lt. Gen. Rom? Dallaire, and his controversial command of the United Nations mission to Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.

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May 25, 2005, 06:05:36

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1 Comment

absolute must see for those who enjoyed "Hotel Rwanda."
May 26 2005, 18:05 UTC
also, check out these torrents if you're intersted in this topic:
Jun 09 2005, 13:06 UTC
Thank to whoever posted this... I had all but forgotten about Rwanda until I watched this. Then, I went to work the next day rather tired from how late I stayed up reading everything I could find on the subject. Horrific to be sure, but important to know the facts. What's interesting is how no one did anything to stop this genocide-- yet the leaders of the US talk about how we're the "guardians of freedom".
The documentary centers on Lt. Gen. Romo Dallaire more than the genocide (as the title might suggest), but is still informative. For further reading, I suggest the Human Rights Watch publication "Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda". It can be viewed here:
Jun 12 2005, 22:06 UTC
Can't wait to see this. But there's currently no seeder. Could anybody with the movie still on their hard drive jump on this one to help those of us leeching out? Thanks.
Dec 03 2005, 17:12 UTC
Please reseed! i've got 92.6% of it and i really want to finish it. I'll happily seed on for months, just please let me finish.

Nov 06 2007, 18:39 UTC
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