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Daniel Ellsberg- Afghanistan, Obama's War www DemocracyNow 2010

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Daniel Ellsberg- Afghanistan, Obama's War www.DemocracyNow 2010


Combines broadcast and web portions

Conversation features Daniel Ellsberg who played a major role in efforts to end the Vietnam War in the 1970s. In 1971, the then-RAND Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg leaked to the media what became known as the Pentagon Papers, a 7,000-page classified history outlining the true extent of US involvement in Vietnam. After avoiding a life sentence on espionage charges, Daniel Ellsberg has continued to speak out against US militarism until the present day.

Ellsberg comments extensively on Obama's war, Afghanistan and on the need for a forthright examination of the parallels with Vietnam and the lack in-depth journalism and Congressional oversight of the current conflict.

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