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Jean-Luc Nancy - Body as Theatre

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Jean-Luc Nancy's lecture “Body as Theatre”,
given in Helsinki's Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, April 14 2010.

Part One – Lecture
Part Two – Q&A

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Biography (wikipedia):

Jean-Luc Nancy (born July 26, 1940, Paris, France) is a French philosopher.

Nancy's first book, published in 1973, was Le titre de la lettre (The Title of the Letter, 1992), a reading of the work of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, written in collaboration with Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. Nancy is the author of works on many thinkers, including La remarque spéculative in 1973 (The Speculative Remark, 2001) on G.W.F. Hegel, Le Discours de la syncope (1976) and L’Impératif catégorique (1983) on Immanuel Kant, Ego sum (1979) on René Descartes, and Le Partage des voix (1982) on Martin Heidegger. In addition to Le titre de la lettre, Nancy collaborated with Lacoue-Labarthe on several other books and articles. Major influences include Jacques Derrida, Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot and Friedrich Nietzsche.

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